Yoga.  Mindfulness.  Healing Justice.

photo by: Natalie Cartz

Workshops and Retreats

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Descriptions of Recent Workshop Offerings

Workshops, trainings and keynotes for helping professionals, activists and yoga students. All workshops are designed for the specific context and/or organizational need.  Fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Self-Care for Social Workers and Advocates

This workshop is grounded in the evidence base that affirms the efficacy of self-care and mindfulness for stress reduction and well-being, offering experiences and exercises that facilitate the process of re-connecting to mind, body and spirit. It helps practitioners to find focus, meaning and joy in their work and balance in their lives. Participants explore self-compassion and self-care from a holistic perspective and develop personalized self-care plans.


Women, Yoga and the Body

Using a pedagogy of embodied learning, this workshop takes a transformational approach to un-learning oppression and suffering in women’s bodies, minds and spirits. Drawing from yoga and feminist philosophy, participants engage in breath work, physical postures, meditation, chanting and group exercises, offering pathways for transformation and healing.


Meditation Sampler: Choosing and Committing to a Regular Meditation Practice

Drawing from Patanjali, the Buddha and the Tantras, participants are introduced to a variety of meditation styles, including concentration practices, movement meditations and mantra.  During the workshop, students experience the practices, integrate them and engage in self-inquiry.  The anticipated outcome of the workshop is that students will have the tools to cultivate a regular meditation practice that is right for them, and have the ability to address barriers to sustaining it.


The Yoga of Social Change

This workshop helps activists and others engaged in service and social change work to see how the individual mind’s tendency toward attachment, aversion and egoism manifests as social oppression.  The workshop offers liberatory tools, including individual practices such as meditation and breath work, as well as group practices such as conscious communication and Theater of the Oppressed activities, helping participants build and sustain their knowledge and skills.


Transformative Community Organizing

The purpose of this workshop is to enhance practitioner and educator capacities to engage in self-reflective, participatory community organizing practice focusing on engagement of constituents, assessment of communities, indigenous leadership development, organizational sustainability and evaluation.  The workshop utilizes pedagogies that draw from contemplative traditions and popular education.  The content draws heavily from Loretta’s book, Progressive Community Organizing: Reflective Practice in a Globalizing World.


Creating Spaces for Economic Justice

This workshop is for activists who want to engage in personal and group work around de-constructing the current economic system and envisioning and practicing for solidarity economics. Exercises focus on developing personal and group awareness and skills around the globalized economy, personal consumption patterns and cooperation.


“In doing this work together, we are empowered to make the necessary shift – from the denial and subjugation of the dark, of the emotion, of the feminine, of the body, of the earth, to a transformed consciousness and social order.  We can then come to know our place as a cell in the larger body of the earth while honoring the particular light that we bring to a darkened world.”

- Miriam Greenspan



Student Quotes:
  •  “Since taking this course, I have continued practicing and utilizing what I have learned in my own lifestyle, work place and will use in MSW practice.”

  • “We were able to embrace non-judgment, we learned about yoga, we learned about intervention techniques, and we learned about ourselves. It was truly enlightening. It really embraced the self-care value that is so important in our profession, while still teaching us effective ways to help our clients. I always felt safe, involved, and highly interested.”

  • “It was an amazing experience. The course provided practical strategies for stress reduction for social workers and clients alike.”